The Disability Rights Advocacy Committee provides student recommendations to the Student Disability Center (SDC), uplifts the voice of the disabled community, and engages in outreach and de-stigmatization efforts. 

We are here to help build and strengthen a community of inclusivity for students with disabilities. Most of our committee are members of the community in one of its many diagnoses. We are here to educate all students on how to be an ally, what it means to be a person with a disability, and to make sure that anyone at UC Davis, and its surrounding community, recognizes that inclusion and diversity includes the disabled.

We want students to feel comfortable and confident about asking for accommodations, seeking out help from fellow students, as well as reporting issues that they may incur on campus or with anyone on staff with the university. We are willing to take issues to the SDC on behalf of students if they choose to remain anonymous. We want to see all students strive and thrive here at UC Davis, and we are always open to listen to any feedback, needs, and goals for the fulfillment of our community.